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Your Gift Can Change Lives


For Just $2.05


You can provide a hearty Holiday Meal for a hungry person - for just $2.05! It's not much...just $2.05.

During the holiday season, no one should go hungry in Victor Valley. Around Victor Valley Rescue Mission's tables, there will be poor and homeless men, women, and children - who are out of a job, out of money, or struggling with addictions. 

For these people, real change will start on the inside as they experience God's life-transforming love. Our hot, traditional holiday meal can be the first step toward a new life. 

Your gift can go further than you can even imagine in helping to start that new life.

$20.50 will provide 10 meals & hope

$51.25 will provide 25 meals & hope

$102.50 will provide 50 meals & hope

Your generous help WILL make a difference!